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captioned by the national captioning institute within 9/11 anniversary just days away, a plan for a mosque just blocks from ground zero. but there is a twist. a televangelism spoke out today. -- televangelist spoke out today. the first service and a new christian center half a block from ground zero. he supported a proposed highly controversial muslim community center just blocks away. >> they have every right to
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build it. supportersoisqsque are glad. but the protest continues. they are offering a $20,000 reward for information about an arson fire at the construction site at a new mosque. the last act in a string of protests, marches, and others. >> the muslim community is a part of this. michelle obama and first
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lady barbara bush will observe the data together. all 40 passengers and crew members died. and president obama is set to unveil things to of the economy. >> jobs are being created. they are just not being korea as fast. >> the president spoke friday after august jobless figures were released. unemployment was up last month. he says the key to helping the economy is to help small businesses. but congress has yet to pass the president's jobs bill. and if you would like a ballot, you must request one by tuesday. after that date, requests must
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be made in person. usb a registered voter, and the maryland primary is coming up. a controversial magazine article is about to hit the stands. featured in the october issue of vanity fair, .and anecdotes -- issue of "vanity fair," and anecdotes about her. the former alaska governor was not interviewed. more on that article that is generating headlines, rebecca cooper sat down with the politico. >> thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> talking about the economy, middle east peace talks, but what are we really talking about? what is happening with sarah palin these days. >> she is of an iowa -- she is
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in iowa, in indication that she is looking at this politically instead of a way to make money. >> that is not what people are talking about. what they're talking about is the vanity fair argument -- article. >> that is true. >> she created even bigger press by responding. >> she said that somebody or something was impotent or lim p. pretty graphic.
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none of re-staff will speak. i do not think he will ever get a truly accurate picture. >> she keeps putting yourself out there. >> she is an important figure in the republican party. it is someone you could do well as a presidential candidate. >> this is interesting, this is the bane rollout. she is going to be on "dancing with the stars." that is pretty graphic it to call reporters impotent ns limp -- and limp. >> she singled out a single reporter. >> talking a little bit more, the republican governor of
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minnesota. considered a v.p. candidate in the last campaign. now, certainly at the top of the list of people we are watching. there could be a little trouble winning minnesota. >> people are desperate for the kind of attention that she is getting, and because of that, he has taken a little bit of heat for that. more than half of them would support someone else for president. it was a primary run between him and mitt romney, mitt romney would crush him. is just embarrassing, and it hurts. >> a person who keeps saying she does not want to be talked about for 2012, hillary clinton. >> a dentist in chicago is
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running an advertisement for hillary clinton. he has listed his name and personal telephone number. it will also run in los angeles. >> she has got the chicago backing, so who knows? >> thanks for having me. >> back-to-school week for northern virginia students in arlington, prince william, fairfax, and loudoun counties, as well as alexandria city schools. drivers are reminded to watch out for school buses with their stop sides extended. and red line riders have to put up with one more day with some closures. some will not reopen until tuesday morning. the transit agency is looking to fix problems pointed out by the
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national transportation safety board after a crash last year. and new traffic patterns on route 7 starting tuesday. experienced drivers might feel a difference. the one-mile stretch between the dulles toll road and 123 has changed. there are fewer places where left turns are allowed. the district will now have a new supermarket. a groundbreaking will be held. the supermarket will be built in northeast washington and the 900 block of 17th street. the store will be completed in the spring of next year. still ahead on "washington weekly, we have learned that steven slater is no longer working for jetblue. i am steve rudin in the
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this tuesday, former jetblue flight attendant steven slater is scheduled to be in court. he got on the intercom system. he was charged with criminal mischief among other charges.
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meanwhile, it was announced today that he is no longer working for the airlines. b.p. is scheduled to release a report. initial reports suggest the document could bling transocean. 11 workers were killed. 200 million gallons of oil leaked into the gulf of mexico. the federal reserve is set to release a credit report. it was the level of household debt that shrunk slightly to a total of about $2.40 trillion. the number includes everything from credit card debt to car loans, student loans, but not mortgages. and taking a look at the movies, the highly anticipated resident evil opens korean as is the much talked-about documentary, "i'm still here"
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-- highly anticipated "resident evil: the afterlife" opens. it is also the much talked-about documentary opening. a recent string of robberies in college park. also, your complete forecast.
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denied in college park, police are investigating three separate violent robberies -- tonight in college park. a university of maryland student was approached, punched, and then had the cash taken out of his wallet. another case involved with hitting them and getting away with either a purse or cash. in northeast washington, there was a drive-by shooting around 7:00 p.m.. police say the victims include two female juveniles and an adult male. their injuries are not life- threatening. and a reminder that several locations of the virginia dmv will be open tomorrow, trying to make up for the massive computer glitch that shut down the system.
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you will find those locations on on labor day. but a beautiful day. the winds have diminished. on the left-hand side cover the capitol dome, not so tonight. you are looking at a beautiful night. we are looking for some beautiful weather. from rehoboth, 72 degrees the current temperature, 81 for your high. no rain to speak of. winchester, there was a high of 79. upper northwest, d.c., wtop radio, a high of 70 at the airport today, 82 degrees at the airport. the record low was in 1902.
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at 55 it state college. this will eventually make its way for our area for tuesday into wednesday, and the highs will once again top near 90 degrees. 61 degrees and 62 -- 61 or 62 degrees above 94 this year. once this misty each of us, the winds of the south-southwest. quiet and dry for the overnight. a few clubs. this did not amount to a whole lot. here is our labor day monday. warmer temperatures, about 5 degrees warmer than what we had today.
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upper 40's, near 60 degrees for tonight. heading out to the mountains of western maryland, garrett county, you could be looking at some patchy frost. " nothing to really worry about. your plants are just fine. actually a's and wonderful labor day afternoon, 85 degrees for a daytime high with plenty of sunshine. here is the extended outlook. temperatures will warm to near 90 tuesday and wednesday. a cool front late wednesday. sunshine in the forecast. daytime high friday, lower 80's. there you have it. tuesday and wednesday, still not quite as hot. a little more humid. it >> great though. we deserve a little break from that. all right, coming up, you
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we invest because we know the internet works. it's working for our children, our families, our economy and our future. and if there were ever a time to stick with what works, now is it. the future has always been our business. and the future begins now. boy: (is mumbling to his mother)
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♪ 7 is on your side tonight with a startling study on portion sizes. standard serving in most restaurants should actually be called super sized. cynne simpson has more. >> many americans say they do
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not mind large portions at restaurants as long as the price is right. >> if you are paying something, i think that is part of it if you want to feel like you are getting your money's worth, and restaurants are a good for that. >> and new study for the center for public interest say they are larger. they are typically two to four times as large as government recommendations. >> these portions of become the norm. >> for example, a dunkin donuts and blueberry muffin is 5 ounces, but the food and drug administration says it should be two ounces, the size of a sliver. the u.s. department of agriculture says a typical sale which is 5 ounces, but this ham and swiss see a much is many anera piner
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>> my husband and i would share it. it is too much for one person. >> what about this? only if you ate one fourth of it. >> so i could have the rest for dinner. then i keep going and going. >> researchers suggest that consumers and downsize but only eating half or a least checking the nutritional content first. >> people have to take responsibility. >> cynne simpson, abc7 news. it part of the federal health care reform law. all chain restaurants will be required to post a menu boards in the next year. for the full repo
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another beautiful day. >> low humidity, a comfortable day tomorrow. 85 degrees. we will increase the humidity just a bit, and we will kick up the wind on tuesday and wednesday, near 90 for a high, and then wednesday and thursday, cooler temperatures. and then the upcoming weekend, a chance for showers on saturday. tomorrow, it will be gorgeous. barbeque weather.
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spend time with the family. it is great. >> no labor korea, right? >> unless
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the people who walked these streets before us were just like you and me. with hopes. dreams. challenges. today, we do more than just walk the same streets. for a moment, we get to walk in their shoes. preparing us for what lies ahead. down our next road. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg.

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